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Cologne 2.3/2.8/2.9

Cologne V6Cologne 2.9wm

Cologne 2.3/2.8/2.9 V6 rocker covers

Click on the photo to see a bigger image.

If you want the covers for a 2.3, select the 2.8 ones when ordering as they are both the same.

You can choose between 2.8 or 2.9 when ordering through the menu below.

These are custom covers, you can choose any lettering you want ( 11 characters will fit )

The lettering is done at the moulding stage of casting giving you a cover with the lettering cast into it as part of the cover.

These custom covers are unique to Redmond Metalcasting.

I’m offering these with 2 choices of finish, sandblasted and painted for €170 per pair or sanded and smooth finish for €195 per pair.

Price includes stainless steel fitting bolts and choice of Red, Blue or Black.

If you want a breather hole in the cover let me know when you order.

Please make your selection from the menu below.

Prices in the menu include shipping, please select your location, Ireland, UK, EU or worldwide.

Shipping option
Select engine size
Choice of lettering
Breather hole size

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